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A Paraclete is committed to studying a Bachelors or Masters degree in Thailand. Paracletes will use their time on campus to build relationships and share the gospel. In addition to studying and ministering on campus, Paracletes have the opportunity to get involved with the local church and ministries. Paracletes may serve with any of our ministry and church partners.


- A follower of Jesus Christ

     You are expected to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This program is a mission to the lost and broken people of this world. It is our firm belief that the spiritual state of man can only be satisfied in a relationship with Jesus.

- A high school diploma or accredited Bachelors

     You must possess a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for a Bachelors program. You must possess an accredited Bachelors to apply for a Masters program.

- Commitment to finishing your degree

     Paracletes provides a unique opportunity for young people to follow their call to missions while continuing in higher education. It is expected that applicants complete the degree program they are accepted into.

- Tuition

   Paracletes provides the means to live in Thailand, educational fees are the responsibility of the individual, however. Fees will fluctuate depending on the university and program selected. Support can be raised through churches, friends, family, or work.

- Airfare

     Airfare is at the expense of each Paraclete. Flight dates should center around the start and end of the academic school year. Students have the option to return home during the May - August school break. Should Paracletes decide to stay in country, regular stipends will be provided for the summer months.


- Housing
     Paracletes will stay in our mission home nearby the university. Rooms are shared between two Paracletes. This is to develop community and accountability. Hosts and other tenants will live at the mission home as well. Our desire is to use the home to build relationship with each other and our community through dinner parties, community events, and day-to-day interaction. Paracletes are expected to abide by house rules and respect their host(s).

- Visa Assistance

     Paracletes will get a letter from the university upon acceptance. A student visa should be obtained before flying to Thailand. All fees acquired in obtaining the first visa are paid by the Paraclete. Visa assistance and fees are provided when in Thailand. Paracletes will also be provided one single-reentry permit if/when Paracletes fly to and from their home country. All other reentry permits are at the expense of the individual.

- Health Insurance

     Paracletes can be insured up to $225,000USD while in Thailand if insurance is not provided by parents or independently. If Paracletes already have an existing plan that provides coverage in Thailand, Paracletes will use their existing policy. If insured by the organization, the insurance does not cover anywhere outside of Thailand. Should medical needs arise, Paracletes should communicate about insurance with organization directors.

- Food Stipend

     Thailand is home to some of the world's best cuisine. Bursting with flavor and color, there is always something new and interesting to try. Paracletes will be given a monthly stipend for their food costs. It is the responsibility of each Paraclete to manage their food stipend to last the entire month and have enough to eat each day. An average meal costs 50 baht ($1.60). The mission home hosts "family dinner" weekly where Paracletes will get a little taste of home.

- Transportation Stipend

     Bangkok has an array of public transportation including the skytrain (BTS), subway (MRT), buses, taxis, tuk tuks, river boats, vans, songthaews (two seat trucks), and more. It is usually quite easy to get around. Paracletes are given a monthly transportation stipend. They are responsible to manage that stipend according to their transportation needs.

- Networking
     Paracletes have a unique opportunity to help and support established ministries and churches under the supervision and care of missionaries anywhere from "new to the field" to serving for decades. It is a tremendous blessing to see the Great Commission at hand and how God works in many ways through many people. Paracletes can determine what ministry(ies) they would like to support during their time in Thailand. See our partners under the "PARTNERS" tab.

Paracletes may enroll with university either August or January each year. Applicants must apply with Paracletes at least 5 months before the desired enrollment month.


Paracletes may enroll with any of the following universities. Applicants should review and determine a program of interest to include on their application. 


Once accepted, programs are selected, and fund raising is complete, time to fly out! Paracletes will be provided with a list of essentials and things you may want to bring along.



Paracletes should start raising tuition through fund raising and/or saving. Paracletes should also have enough money for additional spending (souvenirs, domestic travel, etc.). 


Paracletes will have the opportunity to choose their university degree plan, ministries of service, and home church. Prayerfully consider what degree and partner ministries you would like to serve with.


Paracletes will have to complete two applications and an interview process. Acceptance is at the discretion of Paracletes leaders and interviewers. Upon acceptance, Paracletes are required to transfer $500USD to our Wells Fargo account to verify commitment. This money will be used towards tuition. Should a Paraclete decide to revoke their commitment, the $500 deposit will not be returned (unless for medical reasons, family issues arise, or applicants are not accepted to university).


Apply to become a Paraclete or contact us today with questions You can find an application or our contact information by clicking below.

Sripatum University International College (SPUIC)
Bachelor's Programs - Airline Business, International Hospitality Management, Business Management
Bangkok University International (BUI)
Bachelor's Programs - Business English, Communication Strategy & Ideation, Culinary Arts & Design, Digital Media & Design, Entrepreneurship, Innovative Media Production, International Tourism & Hospitality Management, Marketing
Master's Programs - Business Administration, Business Innovation, Communication Arts Program in Global Communication, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rangsit University International College (RIC)
Bachelor's Programs - Business Administration, Communication Arts, Hospitality Industry, Information & Communication Technology, International Relations & Development, Civil Engineering, College of Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Biomedical Science, Nursing Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Master's Programs - Diplomacy & International Studies, International Digital Business, Logistics, Bilingual Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Fine Arts in Design
Assumption University (AU)
Bachelor's Programs - Business Administration, Accountancy, Economics, French, Chinese, Japanese, Music Entrepreneurship, Nursing Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Aeronautic Engineering/Commercial Pilot/Aircraft Maintenance, Advertising, Digital Media Communication, Live Event Creation & Management, Public Relations, Computer Generated Imagery, Visual Communication Design, Law, Food Technology, Agro Industry, Architecture, Interior Architecture/Design, Product Design
Master's Programs - Finance & Economics, Supply Chain Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Law, Food Biotechnology, Business Administration, Organization Development & Management, Hospitality & Tourism, Investment Analysis & Management, Counseling Psychology, Educational Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, Philosophy & Religion, English Language Training, Information Technology Management, Teaching & Technology
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